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Ultracold Rydberg physics (Robin COTE)

par HANS LIGNIER - publié le

Séminaire au LAC le jeudi 18 mai 2017 à 14h



  • Jeudi 18 mai 11:00-12:00 - Robin COTE - University of Connecticut

    Ultracold Rydberg physics

    Résumé : We briefly review the properties of Rydberg atoms, and explore how their characteristics can be used to explore exotic atomic and molecular systems. In particular, we discuss how trilobite-like Rydberg states of dimers, trimers, tetramers, etc., could be used to probe the correlation function of ultracold gases,. In addition, we show that trimer trolobite states could be used to shed light on Efimov states, those exotic three-body bound states existing even if the three individual pairs are not bound. We also describe potential experimental signatures.

    Lieu : Salle Balmer

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