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Our group is interested in the physics of NV colour centres in diamond, from its production to its applications with a special focus on sensing.

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NV colour centre is a point defect in diamond with unique physical properties at room temperature. It combines very stable photoluminescence to attractive spin properties, making a perfect system for quantum information, bio-imaging, and sensing.

Our group has been studying NV centre in diamond for a decade from its photophysics to material science questions through its applications. Recently we especially focused on the following topics :


Nanoscale implantation of single defects in diamond

NV scanning probe magnetometry

implantation NVSPM

Magnetic Imaging Under High Pressure

Optical Levitation in Vacuum

            Optical Levitation


These activities are developed in close collaboration with the Biophotonics group at Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, the Quantum Imaging group (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb) in Montpellier, the High-Pressure team at CEA DAM, and the diamond group at Thales TRT.

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