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Single photon emission from graphene quantum dots at room temperature.
Zhao, S., Lavie, J., Rondin, L., Orcin-Chaix, L., Diederichs, C., Roussignol, P., Chassagneux, Y., Voisin, C., Müllen, K., Narita, A., Campidelli, S. & Lauret, J.-S.  Nat. Commun. 9, 3470.
see News on the [lab website ->article 823]. 

Screening and engineering of colour centres in diamond.
Lühmann, T., Raatz, N., John, R., Lesik, M., Rödiger, J., Portail, M., Dominik Wildanger, Kleißler, F., Nordlund, K., Zaitsev, A., Roch, J.-F., Tallaire, A., Jan Meijer & Pezzagna, S.
J. Phys. D : Appl. Phys. 51, 483002.

Bandgap Engineering of Graphene Nanoribbons by Control over Structural Distortion.
Hu, Y., Xie, P., De Corato, M., Ruini, A., Zhao, S., Meggendorfer, F., Straasø, L. A., Rondin, L., Simon, P., Li, J., Finley, J. J., Hansen, M. R., Lauret, J.-S., Molinari, E., Feng, X., Barth, J. V., Palma, C.-A., Prezzi, D., Müllen, K. & Narita, A.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140, 7803–7809.




Optical Investigation of On-Surface Synthesized Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons
S. Zhao, G. Borin Barin, L. Rondin, C. Raynaud, A. Fairbrother, T. Dumslaff, S. Campidelli, K. Müllen, A. Narita, C. Voisin, P. Ruffieux, R. Fasel and J.-S. Lauret
[PSSB->], 254, 1700223.

Fluorescence from graphene nanoribbons of well-defined structure
S. Zhao, L. Rondin, G. Delport, C. Voisin, U. Beser, Y. Hu, X. Feng, K. Müllen, A. Narita, S. Campidelli and J. Lauret
[Carbon->], 119 235—240



Evidence for near-infrared photoluminescence of nitrogen vacancy centers in 4H-SiC
S. Zargaleh, B. Eble, S. Hameau, J.-L. Cantin, L. Legrand, M. Bernard, F. Margaillan, J.-S. Lauret, J.-F. Roch, H. von Bardeleben, E. Rauls, U. Gerstmann and F. Treussart
[Phys. Rev. B->], 94 060102

Direct measurement of interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in X|CoFeB|MgO heterostructures with a scanning NV magnetometer (X=Ta,TaN,and W)
I. Gross, L. Martínez, J.-P. Tetienne, T. Hingant, J.-F. Roch, K. Garcia, R. Soucaille, J. Adam, J.-V. Kim, S. Rohart, A. Thiaville, J. Torrejon, M. Hayashi and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. B->], 94 064413 [1]

Production of bulk NV centre arrays by shallow implantation and diamond CVD overgrowth
M. Lesik, N. Raatz, A. Tallaire, P. Spinicelli, R. John, J. Achard, A. Gicquel, V. Jacques, J.-F. Roch, J. Meijer and S. Pezzagna
[Phys. Status Solidi A->], 0 0

Competition between electric field and magnetic field noise in the decoherence of a single spin in diamond
P. Jamonneau, M. Lesik, J. Tetienne, I. Alvizu, L. Mayer, A. Dréau, S. Kosen, J.-F. Roch, S. Pezzagna, J. Meijer, T. Teraji, Y. Kubo, P. Bertet, J. Maze and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. B->], 93 024305 [2]

Coherent Population Trapping of a Single Nuclear Spin Under Ambient Conditions
P. Jamonneau, G. Hétet, A. Dréau, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. Lett.->], 116 043603 [3]



The nature of domain walls in ultrathin ferromagnets revealed by scanning nanomagnetometry
J.-P. Tetienne, T. Hingant, L. Martínez, S. Rohart, A. Thiaville, L. Diez, K. Garcia, J.-P. Adam, J.-V. Kim, J.-F. Roch, I. Miron, G. Gaudin, L. Vila, B. Ocker, D. Ravelosona and V. Jacques
[Nat Commun->], 6 6733

Temperature dependent creation of nitrogen-vacancy centers in single crystal CVD diamond layers
A. Tallaire, M. Lesik, V. Jacques, S. Pezzagna, V. Mille, O. Brinza, J. Meijer, B. Abel, J. Roch, A. Gicquel and J. Achard
[Diam. Relat. Mater.->], 51 55—60

Preferential orientation of NV defects in CVD diamond films grown on (113)-oriented substrates
M. Lesik, T. Plays, A. Tallaire, J. Achard, O. Brinza, L. William, M. Chipaux, L. Toraille, T. Debuisschert, A. Gicquel, J. Roch and V. Jacques
[Diam. Relat. Mater.->], 56 47—53

Measuring the Magnetic Moment Density in Patterned Ultrathin Ferromagnets with Submicrometer Resolution
T. Hingant, J.-P. Tetienne, L. Martínez, K. Garcia, D. Ravelosona, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. Applied->], 4 014003



Nitrogen-vacancy-center imaging of bubble domains in a 6-Å film of cobalt with perpendicular magnetization
J.-P. Tetienne, T. Hingant, L. Rondin, S. Rohart, A. Thiaville, E. Jué, G. Gaudin, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[J. Appl. Phys.->], 115 17D501

Nanoscale imaging and control of domain-wall hopping with a nitrogen-vacancy center microscope
J.-P. Tetienne, T. Hingant, J.-V. Kim, L. Diez, J.-P. Adam, K. Garcia, J.-F. Roch, S. Rohart, A. Thiaville, D. Ravelosona and V. Jacques
[Science->], 344 1366—1369

Magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond
L. Rondin, J.-P. Tetienne, T. Hingant, J.-F. Roch, P. Maletinsky and V. Jacques
[Rep. Prog. Phys.->], 77 056503

Dual light-emitting nanoparticles : second harmonic generation combined with rare-earth photoluminescence
L. Mayer, G. Dantelle, V. Jacques, S. Perruchas, G. Patriarche, J.-F. Roch and T. Gacoin
[J. Mater. Chem. C->], 2 7681—7686

Perfect preferential orientation of nitrogen-vacancy defects in a synthetic diamond sample
M. Lesik, J.-P. Tetienne, A. Tallaire, J. Achard, V. Mille, A. Gicquel, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Appl. Phys. Lett.->], 104 113107



Quantitative stray field imaging of a magnetic vortex core
J.-P. Tetienne, T. Hingant, L. Rondin, S. Rohart, A. Thiaville, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. B->], 88 214408

Spin relaxometry of single nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond nanocrystals for magnetic noise sensing
J.-P. Tetienne, T. Hingant, L. Rondin, A. Cavaillès, L. Mayer, G. Dantelle, T. Gacoin, J. Wrachtrup, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. B->], 87 235436

Stray-field imaging of magnetic vortices with a single diamond spin
L. Rondin, J.-P. Tetienne, S. Rohart, A. Thiaville, T. Hingant, P. Spinicelli, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Nat Commun->], 4 2279

Single KTP nanocrystals as second-harmonic generation biolabels in cortical neurons
L. Mayer, A. Slablab, G. Dantelle, V. Jacques, A.-M. Lepagnol-Bestel, S. Perruchas, P. Spinicelli, A. Thomas, D. Chauvat, M. Simonneau, T. Gacoin and J.-F. Roch
[Nanoscale->], 5 8466—8471

Maskless and targeted creation of arrays of colour centres in diamond using focused ion beam technology
M. Lesik, P. Spinicelli, S. Pezzagna, P. Happel, V. Jacques, O. Salord, B. Rasser, A. Delobbe, P. Sudraud, A. Tallaire, J. Meijer and J.-F. Roch
[Phys. Status Solidi -Appl. Mater. Sci.->], 210 2055—2059

Quenching nitrogen–vacancy center photoluminescence with an infrared pulsed laser
N. Lai, O. Faklaris, D. Zheng, V. Jacques, H.-C. Chang, J.-F. Roch and F. Treussart
[New J. Phys.->], 15 033030

Magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond based on infrared absorption in a doubly resonant optical cavity
Y. Dumeige, M. Chipaux, V. Jacques, F. Treussart, J.-F. Roch, T. Debuisschert, V. Acosta, A. Jarmola, K. Jensen, P. Kehayias and D. Budker
[Phys. Rev. B->], 87 155202

Single-Shot Readout of Multiple Nuclear Spin Qubits in Diamond under Ambient Conditions
A. Dréau, P. Spinicelli, J. Maze, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. Lett.->], 110 060502

Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy Resolves Individual Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond Nanocrystals
S. Arroyo-Camejo, M.-P. Adam, M. Besbes, J.-P. Hugonin, V. Jacques, J.-J. Greffet, J.-F. Roch, S. Hell and F. Treussart
[ACS Nano->], 7 10912—10919



Magnetic-field-dependent photodynamics of single NV defects in diamond : an application to qualitative all-optical magnetic imaging
J.-P. Tetienne, L. Rondin, P. Spinicelli, M. Chipaux, T. Debuisschert, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[New J. Phys.->], 14 103033

Second-harmonic generation from coupled plasmon modes in a single dimer of gold nanospheres
A. Slablab, L. Le Xuan, M. Zielinski, Y. de Wilde, V. Jacques, D. Chauvat and J.-F. Roch
[Opt. Express->], 20 220

Nanoscale magnetic field mapping with a single spin scanning probe magnetometer
L. Rondin, J.-P. Tetienne, P. Spinicelli, C. Dal Savio, K. Karrai, G. Dantelle, A. Thiaville, S. Rohart, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Appl. Phys. Lett->], 100 153118

Free induction decay of single spins in diamond
J. Maze, A. Dréau, V. Waselowski, H. Duarte, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[New J. Phys.->], 14 103041

Electron spin resonance detected by a superconducting qubit
Y. Kubo, I. Diniz, C. Grezes, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, H. Sumiya, T. Yamamoto, H. Abe, S. Onoda, T. Ohshima, V. Jacques, A. Dréau, J.-F. Roch, A. Auffeves, D. Vion, D. Esteve and P. Bertet
[Phys. Rev. B->], 86 064514

Storage and retrieval of a microwave field in a spin ensemble
Y. Kubo, I. Diniz, A. Dewes, V. Jacques, A. Dréau, J.-F. Roch, A. Auffeves, D. Vion, D. Esteve and P. Bertet
[Phys. Rev. A->], 85 012333

High-resolution spectroscopy of single NV defects coupled with nearby 13C nuclear spins in diamond
A. Dréau, J.-R. Maze, M. Lesik, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. B->], 85 134107



Engineered arrays of nitrogen-vacancy color centers in diamond based on implantation of CN molecules through nanoapertures
P. Spinicelli, A. Dréau, L. Rondin, F. Silva, J. Achard, S. Xavier, S. Bansropun, T. Debuisschert, S. Pezzagna, . Meijer, V. Jacques and J.-F. Roch
[New J. Phys.->], 13 025014

Diamond based light-emitting diode for visible single-photon emission at room temperature
A. Lohrmann, S. Pezzagna, I. Dobrinets, P. Spinicelli, V. Jacques, J.-F. Roch, J. Meijer and A. Zaitsev
[Appl. Phys. Lett.->], 99 251106

Hybrid Quantum Circuit with a Superconducting Qubit Coupled to a Spin Ensemble
Y. Kubo, C. Grezes, A. Dewes, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, H. Sumiya, N. Morishita, H. Abe, S. Onoda, T. Ohshima, V. Jacques, A. Dréau, J.-F. Roch, I. Diniz, A. Auffeves, D. Vion, D. Esteve and P. Bertet
[Phys. Rev. Lett.->], 107 220501

Controling the single-diamond nitrogen-vacancy color center photoluminescence spectrum with a Fabry–Perot microcavity
Y. Dumeige, R. Alléaume, P. Grangier, F. Treussart and J.-F. Roch
[New J. Phys.->], 13 025015

Avoiding power broadening in optically detected magnetic resonance of single NV defects for enhanced dc magnetic field sensitivity
A. Dréau, M. Lesik, L. Rondin, P. Spinicelli, O. Arcizet, J.-F. Roch and V. Jacques
[Phys. Rev. B->], 84 195204



Surface-induced charge state conversion of nitrogen-vacancy defects in nanodiamonds
L. Rondin, G. Dantelle, A. Slablab, F. Grosshans, F. Treussart, P. Bergonzo, S. Perruchas, T. Gacoin, M. Chaigneau, H.-C. Chang, V. Jacques and J.-F. Roch
[Phys. Rev. B->], 82 115449

Strong Coupling of a Spin Ensemble to a Superconducting Resonator
Y. Kubo, F. Ong, P. Bertet, D. Vion, V. Jacques, D. Zheng, A. Dréau, J.-F. Roch, A. Auffeves, F. Jelezko, J. Wrachtrup, M. Barthe, P. Bergonzo and D. Esteve
[Phys. Rev. Lett.->], 105 140502

Photoluminescent nanodiamonds : Comparison of the photoluminescence saturation properties of the NV color center and a cyanine dye at the single emitter level, and study of the color center concentration under different preparation conditions
O. Faklaris, J. Botsoa, T. Sauvage, J.-F. Roch and F. Treussart
[Diamond and Related Materials->], 19 988—995

Efficient production of NV colour centres in nanodiamonds using high-energy electron irradiation
G. Dantelle, A. Slablab, L. Rondin, F. Lainé, F. Carrel, P. Bergonzo, S. Perruchas, T. Gacoin, F. Treussart and J.-F. Roch
[J. Lumin.->], 130 1655—1658

Grafting fluorescent nanodiamonds onto optical tips
A. Cuche, A. Drezet, J.-F. Roch, F. Treussart and S. Huant
[J. Nanophotonics->], 4 043506—043506—6

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Photoluminescent diamond nanoparticles for cell labeling : study of their uptake mechanism in mammalian cells
Faklaris, Vandana Joshi, Theano Irinopoulou, Patrick Tauc, (...)

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